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the papa gallery

Our Artists      

Open Hours

Tues - Sat: 11am - 3 pm
Other times by appointment only.

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Special Events & Extended Hours

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* Artist accepts commissions

Eve Adams *

Charles David Alexander

Charles David Alexander

Suzanne Alexander

Ruth Andre

Jan Barrett

Diane Bay *

Piper Bay

Frank Bennett

Julie Brigance

Martha Brown

Jason L Casper

Lynitia Casper

Millie Conger

Mark Cope

John Curtis

Bob Davis

Betty Emmert

Jan Farley

Elisa Farris

Brenda Foster *

Mary Fuhrmann

Jenny Fuller *

Danna Gardner

Vickie Lee Gingrich​

Carol Harlan

Harrietta Harper *

Barbara Harris

Kathy Hayes

Roger Hoff *

Dale Houseworth

Carol Hudson


Maryann Huebschmann

Ellen Hunt

Diane Ireand

Arlene Jenks

Sandi Johnson *

Bailey Joyce

Eva Kelly

Michelle Kelley

Mike Ladd

Susan Lambert

Joanie Lampley-Sims

Phyllis Lindsey

Megan Rose Larson

Jean Lorrah

Gerry Marcum

Linda Martin

Linda Martin *

Jinny McCormick

Chad McLaren *

Charlotte McLaren

Cindy McLaren

John McLaren *

Laurie McWilliams *

Sophia Moore

Scott Morris

Rebecca Mueller-Williams

Keith Murphy

Chad Nelson

Bob Patterson

Pam Patterson

Grady H Pennington

K Diane Reed

Heather Reid

Linda Roberts

Vera Rodgers *

Charles Rust

Amy Sharp

Emma Sharp

Jason Sharp

Yates Sharp

Eileen Smith

Darlene Stephens

Anne Strawn

Linda Thomasson

Chris Thompson *

Rebekah Thuline

Dutch Thurman

Carol Couric Tribou

Natalia Turner

Kenneth Vickery

Judith M Webb *

Linda Whitler


124 Broadway St
Paducah, KY 42001, USA
(270) 575-3544

Open Hours

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 3pm
Other times by appointment only.
Call (270) 519-3198 for appt.