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Rebekah Thuline


Rebekah Thuline

One thing I find fascinating about being an artist is how I perceive the world through a creative lens, finding beauty and importance in even the most inconceivable objects. We live in a fast pace world and it’s easy to overlook everyday scenarios, people, places and things. Every so often I pause to look at an object, or scenery and admire how the light and composition play off each other. I step out of my busy mind, to ponder over what I’m looking at before I slip back into whatever I was doing before.

My goal as an artist is to share a moment with the viewer. To highlight the importance of even the smallest things, their roles in life, and how to be grateful with what we have in something as simple as: a glass jar, a fleeting moment, or nature.

Nature is where I tend to lean the most towards because of the significance it has in our life. I believe everything we have, in some way, leads back to nature. I enjoy experimenting with light, both natural and dramatic lamp lighting, and with color to draw attention towards the subject.

I look to Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet for inspiration in style and meaning. Van Gogh had a way of expressing his ideas through his use of color, lighting and perceiving through a different lens to bring attention to an unseen world full of fleeting moments that grasp attention. Monet also looked at life around him with a colorful perspective and finding ways to summarize the information that tells a story. A contemporary artist I admire is Kathie Odom. Kathie’s style captures a loose painterly style that impressionists used during their times. Her subject matter is simple, but how she words the titles of her paintings suggests there is more to the subject matter than just what you see on the surface. Her works also give me a sense of serenity, which is what I hope to share in my own works. We are told that life is short and should never be wasted. We should live in the moment and be happy with what life has given us.

Snow Dog
5×7 Oil on Canvas

The Harvest Season
8×10 Oil on Canvas

24×20 Oil on Canvas



124 Broadway St
Paducah, KY 42001, USA
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Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 3pm
Other times by appointment only.
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