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Grady H Pennington


Grady Pennington

My art is all about color. It is rare that I have something specific in mind when I begin a piece. I listen to music when I create a painting and let it take me places and the piece evolves at will. I tend to use watercolor straight out of the tube and let the colors mix and blend together by themselves. I have been inspired by so many artist but Pablo Picasso is my favorite. I consider myself to be an abstract expressionist but my work is always changing as I experiment with different mediums. I am also a photographer and like to combine the photos with a painting(s) I have created to create composite illusions. In 2017 I traveled to Barcelona, Spain and Paris, France to see Picasso’s museums, Salvador Dali’s museum and all the incredible museums each city had to offer. The trips impressed and influenced my work and me beyond words.

Guitar Knobs
7 1/2 x 11, Mixed

31×11 Watercolor

Jungle Land
12×9 Watercolor

Another Blue Abstract
9×12 Watercolor

Waste of Time
7 1/2 x 11, Mixed

11×14 Watercolor

Dancers on the Wall
22×15 Watercolor

Indian Summer
15×17 Watercolor

12×9 Watercolor


124 Broadway St
Paducah, KY 42001, USA
(270) 575-3544

Open Hours

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 3pm
Other times by appointment only.
Call (270) 519-3198 for appt.