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Dale Houseworth


Dale Houseworth

12×22 Pastel

Cup of Tea
14×11 Colored Pencil

Dale Houseworth, a Southern Illinois native, began his fascination of art when a local artist, Sue Stotlar, did a quick demonstration of a portrait in pastel from a live model. He felt it was nothing short of remarkable as Stotlar captured likeness and color. This was during the high school years where his interest grew. Other than the basics of high school and some college, Dale is self-taught.

Dale’s favorite artists include the diverse styles such as Salvador Dali, Edward Hopper, and Norman Rockwell as they often convey the bizarre, humor, intrigue, and often a story relating to the human condition.

For over twenty years, Dale worked as a graphic artist for 2 sign companies where he designed logos, set layout, and prepared artwork to output to screen-printing, cutting, and digital printing.

Having joined the PAPA Gallery, Dale is looking forward to begin again with artistic creativity and growth by reintroducing himself to mediums such as graphite, colored pencil, pastels and acrylic.

20×16 Acrylic on Canvas

Sleeping Princess
11×14 Pastel


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