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Playing with Paint

I share, in my art, what is happy, fun, inspiring, healing, and positive in my world, in the hope that the feelings of love and connection resonate with you. Commissions are welcome if you have a subject or idea that brings you joy. 

I came from the suburbs of Michigan to Western Kentucky, by way of the West Coast. While I have had many jobs, my love has always been art. I was a photographer for a time and learned skills in composition and design. I moved to Cadiz shortly before Covid hit. With the support of my family and friends, and some time on my hands, I started to take painting seriously. Now that I live in Paducah, I focus on mastering the other foundations of painting, the shapes, values, and what you leave in, what you leave out, to make it a painting where reality meets imagination. As one PAPA member put it, “Heather reminds us that ordinary things we tend to ignore, or at least take for granted, have their own special appeal if we just take time to look.”

Artist Statement

I am giving myself a challenge this year. Switch to oil as my medium of choice and paint as many paintings as I can. I paint 6”x6” canvas panels because this allows me to paint more frequently and freely. You will see from my work that I started with a more realistic style. As I grow in experience, I am getting more adventurous. I am bringing in more of my imagination, using color and texture to express more playfulness and have more fun!

I like to think I bring my new techniques and confidence to my larger pieces as a culmination of my artistic journey to this point.

PS Daisy is my love, my heart, my joy, my muse. She is a Border Terrier/Poodle mix. Daisy is very smart and independent, but good-natured and friendly to all. Since coming into my life, she has introduced me to the world of the dog park. We have met many lovely beings, both human and animal, and they have become the inspiration for many of my paintings.

Sunshine and Shadow
Daisy Being Cautious
Field of Sunshine
Break Time
Ice in the Night
Echoes of Billie
Smells So Sweet
Abstract Fun
Hiking LBL
Light Harvest

September 2023 Featured Artist -Heather Reid