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Grady had the following to say about his art:

My art is all about color. It is rare that I have something specific in mind when I begin a piece. I listen to music when I create a painting and let it take me places and the piece evolves at will. I use watercolor straight out of the tube and let the colors mix and blend together by themselves.

I have been inspired by so many artists but Pablo Picasso is my all-time favorite. I consider myself an abstract expressionist but my work is always changing and I like to experiment with different mediums. I am also a photographer and like to mix the photos I take with paintings.

Grady’s art is full of life, color, energy and feeling. Stop in this month and enjoy his work up close and personal. And you will notice he has extra pieces sitting on the table for you to look at. Come in to see Grady’s work and take at least one home with you to liven up a special corner in your house.

After the Snow
Clenching Fists
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Man Puts Key in Castle Door
Eye Can’t Help Myself
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Of Crystals
Personality Split
The Outing – People Gathering
September 2021 Featured Artist – PAPA Gallery