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Featured Artist Keith Murphy was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. He was first introduced to art by his mother, who encouraged him to enter a third-grade poster contest. In high school, he pursued music and tennis. After graduating high school, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. It was then Keith enrolled in a comic book art class and became fond of inking comics with a brush. The inking process led him to watercolor.

After returning to Nashville in 1996, Keith took watercolor class from Gail McDaniel in 2005 and continued study with Janine Gallizia in 2018. He gets tremendous satisfaction in his paintings by giving the viewer “something extra”. He loves the uniqueness and transparency of watercolor and how each and every stroke can create something unique and difficult to duplicate. The ebb and flow of water to paint makes the watercolor experience surprising and very rewarding. 

Keith’s paintings have evolved over the years with varied mood and atmosphere. With Keith you never know what you get from a new painting. He hopes that what he paints will draw the eye, prick emotion and stretch the imagination.

In addition to the original art featured, most of which are for sale, in this show, Keith has also created a calendar from 14 high quality prints of his work, that will be available to purchase. Patrons purchasing Keith’s art will receive a FREE Watercolor 2024 Calendar! Drop in and spend some quiet moments enjoying the mood and atmosphere of each piece on display. While you are there don’t forget to walk through the gallery and look at PAPA’s brand-new Member’s Show, that has just been hung this past week. There are many and varied pieces available to enjoy.

The Left’s Way
The Opening
Weathered Cover
Two of a Kind

Dinghie Day
Featured Artist November 2023 – Keith Murphy