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Dale, a Southern Illinois native, began his fascination with art while watching local artist Sue Stotlar do a quick pastel portrait demonstration from a live model when he was in high school. He felt it was nothing short of remarkable, as she captured both the likeness of the model, and the colors. Other than the basics during high school, and some in college, Dale is a self-taught artist.

Dale’s favorite, diverse artists include Salvador Dali, Edward Hopper, and Norman Rockwell, as they often convey the bizarre, humor, intrigue, and story of the human condition. He likes to explore with both music and art, having a number of stringed instruments he has collected. He likes to just get in there and explore and see what he can do, in both. He works mostly with acrylic paint, and secondly pastel, exploring some of the other mediums, too. In music Dale says he plays best on guitar and then on bass, wanting to learn more about the banjo and mandolin. In art he says he doesn’t really have a favorite subject, rather, exploring and trying a little of everything, things that intrigue him.

For over twenty years, he worked as a graphic artist for two sign companies, where he designed logos, set layout, and prepared artwork to output to screen-printing, cutting and digital printing.

Dale has been a PAPA member for just a few years now, looking forward when he joined, to restarting his artistic journey of growth and discovery by reintroducing himself to mediums such as graphite, colored pencil, pastels and acrylic. We have been enjoying his take on many subjects with each new show PAPA puts up. His Featured Artist Show will be up through the month of November. Come down and check it out while you can!

“Barn Storm”
“Doing My Part”
“Under the Bridge”
“Taking a Stroll”

“Starting Over”

“Man’s Prayer”
PAPA Gallery November 2022 Featured Artist – Dale Houseworth