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Kathy, a Registered Nurse at Jackson Purchase Medical Center in Mayfield, is from Reidland. She has lived and worked here her entire life. Kathy has been at JPMC for 25 years, starting first as an aid for 4 years. Kathy has two children, a girl and a boy. Nursing for Kathy, as for so many nurses, bled over into the rest of her life. First, she and her mom took care of her father, who had MS, his last 5 years, while she continued to work full time. Then later, she took care of her mom her last couple years.

Kathy says she never knew she could paint until she went to a Paint and Sip party three years ago with coworkers, took it home to finish, and realized she liked painting. She takes oil painting classes from Jennifer Fairbanks Hayes at Gallery 109, in Murray. Kathy has also attended two workshops with Don Sahli when he has been in our area. She appreciates the looseness of his technique. Kathy loves painting and loves oils and her goal is to find more time to paint. She hasn’t been into painting long enough yet to explore different artists and styles of painting but says she does really like Van Gogh.

Two of Kathy’s favorite things are her two grandbabies, a girl and a boy, and travel. She has been to Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands and Cozumel, MX. She has been to Sete in France, Monte Carlo, Spain, and Barcelona. Her favorite cities are: Pisa and Rome in Italy, Savannah, GA, and St Augustine and Key West in Florida.

Kathy is a new talent finding her voice as an artist and she’s off to a great start. Come out and see her show and get to know her from the beginning. It is so great watching an artist develop and grow over the years.

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November 2021 Featured Artist Exhibit