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Carol Couric Tribou was born in Florida, moved to Texas when she was 6 and grew up there. She loved art from the beginning, getting the funnies, as a child and trying to draw them. Carol earned a Bachelor’s of Art at then Dallas Baptist College. She and her husband Dick married while in college. After college she worked for Home Interiors and Gifts and later Scafa Art Publishing, creating art for the Lord’s Prayer, The 23rd Psalms, etc and poetry, with calligraphy (something she learned in college). The 1st company was a magazine and the latter a printing company that commissioned, printed and distributed prints…around the world. She had friends finding it in lots of locals, and even had missionary friends who found her art in a bookstore on Solomon’s Island. These jobs were a dream come true because they allowed her to work from home and continue receiving royalties from her art.

Carol says her style continues to grow. She is using different approaches to her work than in the earlier days. In those days’ resources for learning, beyond college, were limited to VHS tapes, books or classes, whereas now there is so much information on technique and style available online. Her time with art has been off and on over the years, being more off while the children were small and blossoming now that Dick is retired and they have more time.

She has several artists she loves. They are current masters, not the ‘old masters’. Our current art masters can seem so much relevant to today’s lifestyles and ideas. Some of these artists are: Susan Crouch for her watercolor style, Dean Crouser, whose vibrant style influences her butterflies, Stephie Butter, Karen Rice (1 of the most recent) and Bev Jozwiak, from the NW United States, with fabulous people, and Michael Holter and his fabulous landscapes. She says they are all different and she likes them all for different reasons. And interestingly a lot of those she likes are from the UK.

Her desire is to encourage people through her art. She paints what is close to her heart, using calligraphy and watercolor images. A lot of the time she includes scripture with the image. Even though she doesn’t necessarily put shadows in her art she is fascinated with the play and interaction of light and shadow.

Like art, Carol was born loving horses. One of the things she has enjoyed the most was a few years ago, when she worked with a therapy group that worked with children with physical challenges, through horseback riding. The experience ran all the way from brushing the horses to walking alongside the children as they rode. She loved it.

Carol and Dick moved to Mayfield in 1994. They have lived in the house they’re in for 23 years now and their children grew up there. They now also have 2 grandchildren. Their children’s families live near the Nashville and Clarksville areas, close enough to visit. She and Dick love to do ballroom dancing, something they started about 10 years ago. They took classes and went out ballroom dancing for some time. She informs me you can also do the waltz or foxtrot to about any country song. Do stop in and enjoy Carol’s Featured Show in person. Those colors really glow.