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Vera Rodgers is this month’s Featured Artist. She has this to say about her art:

In looking back over my shoulder, at the body of work that I have produced in my studio, I find that I most often choose to paint or draw trees, children, and animals, especially dogs. Especially dogs, what a joy to provide a client a memorial painting of their canine companion that has gone over the rainbow bridge. I, too, have suffered the loss of faithful dogs who offered no criticisms of my work but stood by my stead as I struggled.

Trees now have a special place in my heart. I learned to “grok” trees when I accompanied my daughter on her girl scout summer camps. Standing close to the tree, hugging it, feet planted firmly on the ground and listening to the heartbeat of the tree. Exchanging breaths, my carbon dioxide for its oxygen.

Vera’s art is imbued with a gentleness and a warmth. Her studio is Two Roads Studio. She has a favorite quote, of course, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I– I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost.

Come in to PAPA Gallery to see this collection of Vera’s creations, while they are here together. Look for more of her pieces scattered around the gallery and take home a piece of art, or a greeting card created by her.

Not Quite Twelve

Back Water

Hot July Day on the Ohio

Dance Me to the End of Time



My Walk?

After the Rain

June 2022 Featured Artist – Vera Rodgers