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“It has been an honor to be a part of the Paducah Area Painters Alliance since October 2015. Thank you, PAPA, for the opportunity to show and share my art and passion for painting with others. Thank you PAPA ARTISTS for all of the energy, inspiration, challenges, and support provided ever since!”

Cindy and I were lucky enough to spend several months in Italy in 2013.  It goes without saying we took a lot of photos.  This display is just a few of the paintings inspired by that trip. I enjoy painting people, but I’m shy about photographing them.  I was able to capture a few charming subjects, sometimes without even trying!

We enjoyed preparing a virtual tour of our exhibit that includes photos of our time there, along with a description of each painting. We hope that some of the joy will transfer. Take a virtual tour of this exhibit on our website at this link: https://teaksouls.com/twodoves/italy-collection/

Visit the Gallery to see them in person and discover more paintings to love.

Perfect Light
Waiting in Italy
Moka Roma
Taormina Train
Grand Canal
Etna in the Morning

Man from Taormina
July 2022 Featured Artist – John McLaren (with Cindy)