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Rosemary grew up in Elsah, Illinois, the eldest of nine children. Elsah was a tiny historic village on the Mississippi River. The local grade school was a two-room stone structure with no indoor plumbing until the year she was in the sixth grade. There were three kids in her class. She went to a county wide high school where her favorite subject was art.

She received a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Illinois University in education and taught in her home district. Most of her teaching experience was as the art teacher for her old high school. After retiring she has focused on her art. She describes her art work as realist. She does mostly landscapes, in pastels, colored pencil and collage. Her favorite artists are Degas, Mary Cassatt and Andrew Wyeth. Rosemary would love to do more abstract work but so far hasn’t succeeded.

She married Jim Towey and they have two children. They now live in Aurora, Kentucky and Englewood, Florida.

Rosemay’s collages have a warm peaceful quality with wonderful color and textures. Make sure you drop in this month to see them for yourself and take one home, for yourself or for a gift for someone special.