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Jan Barrett, a Livingston County native, recalls looking out her bedroom window as a young teenager, at the way the neighbor’s yard was framed in the window, and responded by picking up a plain school pencil and drawing it. From Livingston Co. originally, she and her husband lived in Lone Oak for 5 years but are back in Livingston. She is retired from Baptist Health Hospital where she had a career as a Medical Staff Coordinator.

Oil is Jan’s favorite painting medium, the way the oils move around on the canvas, allowing her to get the look she wants. The more she paints, the more she loves color, there being no color she doesn’t like. She likes to create art that evokes emotion and names paintings for the emotions she feels flowing from them. She feels that Art speaks without words and feels that naming each piece is essential.

Pencil and charcoal are two other favorite mediums, as is photography. Even though there is no color involved with graphite and charcoal the lines of the pencil interest her and she loves the softness of subtle changes of lights and darks in charcoal. When working on a piece of art she is often unmindful of what is happening or being said around her. Jan hopes that her art will convey the joy one finds in art and the beauty of colors, endless shapes, and imagination.

She is the only artist in her family but taught her grandson about art when he was younger and has been teaching her 8-year-old granddaughter, the last couple of years, so that may change. The last couple of years she has gotten interested in portraiture so perhaps we’ll see some of those in the future.

Jan attended art classes at WKCTC and Murray State and completed a B/W photography class under Bernie Sassee. Mr. Sasseen was adamant in teaching that photography is art as well as science. She has been associated with Tommy Fletcher, a Paducah artist for a few years and feels one never stops learning from him. She won 2nd place in oils in the 2019 Paducah Woman’s Club Art Show and is now a showing member at The PAPA Gallery.

Remember that each Featured Artist Show is only up for only one month, and it’s a short month, so don’t delay coming in to see it. We have also just installed a wonderful new Members Show this week that’s looking really great. It’s a lively and interesting show.

Babbling Brook
Mystic Run

After the Storm

Eagles Nest

Quiet Time

This is Why
Traffic Cop
Featured Artist February 2024 – Jan Barrett