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She loved drawing as a young person and started oil painting 1981 when she took a class just to see how to get started. She tried other mediums, but still prefers oils because they blend so much better.

Linda has won ribbons and awards for her work. Among other things, she paints landscapes and pet portraits. She has also painted on antique saw blades and on wood, but prefers to work on canvas. She has been an advocate for the Arts, and enjoys painting very much.

Her favorite artists are Bob Ross and Vincent Van Gough. She has taken classes with Don Sahli, Diane Bay, Janet Bixler, and Coleen Thompson. She currently resides in Kevil, Ky. Drop into PAPA and look at her show up close.

Peter Cottontail
Pixie Bubbles
Fall Harvest
PAPA Gallery February 2023 Featured Artist – Linda Martin