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Step into a world of vibrant hues and captivating emotions this month, as we showcase the exceptional work of Chad McLaren, whose art is an explosion of color and expression. Chad draws inspiration from nature, people, and a touch of sarcasm, all of which are on display in this exhibit. Through his work, he demonstrates the beauty of imperfection, turning mistakes into “Happy Accidents.”

Chad’s exhibit will be on display throughout December, and extend through January of next year. He will be holding a reception at the gallery on December 15th, from 4:30- 6:30 for all those interested!

Find what inspired several of Chad’s pieces, and read about the stories behind them at this link: https://www.happyaccidentgallery.com/papa-featured-artist

Ride or Die
Lost in the Wrong Dimension
Heart and Hate
Classic Santa
Rap God
Islands in the Sky
Make Oranges Great Again
Girl with a Pearl Nose Ring
Chasing Sunsets
Lost in the Waves
A Woman’s Scorn
Friends of a Feather
Featured Artist December 2023 – Chad McLaren
Featured Artist January 2024 – Chad McLaren