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Brenda is a native of western Kentucky. Having grown up on a small cattle farm, she is an outdoor enthusiast. Brenda has always loved to draw and to write stories. As a career, though, she chose teaching and has taught mathematics for 31 years.

Now that she is retired, she raises cattle, enjoys her grandchildren and attempts to capture a little of God’s beauty on canvas. Brenda began using colored pencils and then watercolor. She also really enjoys oil painting. Each medium offers its own unique approach to capturing a subject.

Now, as a member of the PAPA Art Gallery, she finds people who also love art and who are open and willing to advance others in their art. We at PAPA have had the privilege and pleasure to watch Brenda’s growth and development as an artist. Her art is warm and friendly and as approachable as Brenda herself. Please come in and see it in person. Brenda’s exhibit will continue through January 2023.

“Colorado Train Ride”
“Blue Jay”
“Blue Jay 2”
“Old Fence”
“Ye Old Mill”
PAPA Gallery December 2022 Featured Artist – Brenda Foster