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Linda Thomasson is this month’s Featured Artist. She was born in central Tennessee but has spent most of her life in this area. Like many artists, she has had no ‘formal’ training, but has spent most of her life with a brush in her hand, in some manner or other, painting on such things as furniture, ceramic pieces, or doll faces. Painting reproduced antique dolls has been one of her passions, and her interest in painting faces shows in her art work now.

One of her friends suggested she try pastels, and she did and found she really liked working with them. She started painting in acrylic and really liked it and started painting in oil and really liked it as well. She has done a little watercolor. Linda paints for fun, choosing subjects that interest her. She wanted to find out if she could paint people’s faces, and so joined a class given by a local painter, Tommy Fletcher. Her portraits have wonderfully articulated personalities with wonderful color This is a show you don’t want to miss.

Sweet Thing
December 2021 Featured Artist- Linda Thomasson