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You can usually recognize Harrietta’s art when you see it, by the strong brush stroke and her color choices, no matter her subject. She says when she has no subject in mind, but really wants to paint, horses are her go to image. She grew up on a farm in western Tennessee, swimming and riding horses. She and her sisters were responsible for raising the calves, up and feeding them before school and again after. If the calf was being bottle fed, they were doing it. They mucked out stalls, and… they rode horses and went swimming. Harrietta also ran track and played basketball in school.

Harrietta came to Kentucky to study music at Murray State because of their great program. She taught music, here, for 30 years. So how did she end up an artist? She saw an ad for a 1day clinic with Clyde Lawter. She thought it would be fun, she would do it and that would be that! But she got sucked in and ended up painting with Clyde for 15+ years. She has been with PAPA Gallery ever since we moved to our current location on Broadway and was PAPA’s Program Director for more than 10 years. She has dabbled in watercolor, oil and colored pencil but her favorite medium is acrylics. Her favorite style of art is Impressionism and her favorite artist, CW Mundy, is modern day Impressionist.

Harrietta and her husband have 2 sons, twin grandchildren and a couple of cats. Come experience Harrietta’s art in person. You won’t be sorry. It is warm, and inviting and full of energy. And while you’re here, search the regular show for more of her pieces.