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Darlene, a lifelong resident of Western Kentucky, has always been surrounded by color. Her grandfather was an artist who painted signs across the Southern United States, including helping paint some of the signs at the famed Rock City. Her mother and father decided to open a fabric shop back in the 1960’s and she grew up surrounded by beautiful textiles and color.

In the late 1980’s, while raising her family and working full time, Darlene began taking art classes at night. Since that time, in between a busy family life, interior decorating, travel, and work, she has always found time to paint and express herself artistically. Darlene loves to paint landscapes and abstracts and enjoys working with pastels, oil and acrylic. She would encourage everyone to express themselves creatively.

Sundown Barn
Monkey Business
Savanah Grass
Peaceful Creek
Stormy River

Man of Wisdom

“Blue River”
August 2023 Featured Artist -Darlene Stephens