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I began my journey of art in the 6th grade when Mrs. Arco Jones bragged on me and let me put something in the year book. Believe me, it was something. It was a drawing of a trophy. It was awful, but I felt like I was a famous artist.

I have always had the passion to draw and paint, but life got in the way. Since I retired in 2008, I find more time to experiment. God has already put the talent in me. He says “Just do it.”

I have a wonderful family…a husband, Vernon, of 58 years, two daughters, their husbands and four grandchildren. I have one sister, Jenny Fuller. I belong at Heartland Church where I teach Special Needs.

I am a charter member of PAPA and I paint with Tommy Fletcher and the gang each Thursday. PAPA is a unique place to exhibit your work, share, and be with so many different talented people, I am so blessed.

Stop into PAPA Gallery this month to see a collection of her work all together on the Featured wall. See more of Liz’s art on her PAPA Artist Page

Chicken Yard
Terri Diane
Red Macaw
Bath Time

Budding Flower
August 2022 Featured Artist – Liz Hudson