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Carol Hudson is originally from Sikeston, Missoui, but has lived here for most of her life. She graduated from Heath High School. She used charcoal and pencil a bit in high school but did not get serious about art until after her children were grown. Carol was able to take a couple semesters of classes with Belan Laio and has been part of a group, painting with Tommy Fletcher for 10 years now, and going. She has been a member of the PAPA Gallery for a long time. There was a time that, due to circumstances, she had to drop out for a few years, but has been back with us for the last 10 years or so.

Her favorite artist is Van Gogh. She has worked with charcoal and watercolor and ink, but her favorite medium is Pastel. She finds a lot of things interesting and loves to paint those things.

She and her husband moved around a little bit for his job, but were always glad to come back home to Paducah, where they currently live. They have 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren. Carol loves all animals, but especially dogs.

Carol’s art is strong, but very approachable and easy to view and understand. Make sure you visit PAPA this month to catch her show. As you walk in the door turn immediately to your left and look to the wall. You can’t miss it. Then stroll through the gallery checking out the new gallery show.