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I get inspiration for my work from nature. I am an outdoor enthusiast and love to kayak, boat, camp, hike and garden. I also like to read, dance, yoga and exercise. Most of my paintings are of objects found outdoors. My favorite mediums are acrylic and watercolor. In the early 90’s, I won First Place in watercolor and Honorable Mention in drawing in the Women’s Club of Paducah Art Show.

My love for art started when I was a little girl, the fourth of eight children. When I was young, I would often keep busy by lining up my little brothers and stuffed animals and play school, but most of the time drawing and creating were my go-to hobbies. I loved to copy cartoons from the newspaper, draw Holly Hobby dolls and portraits of my family. Early on, I wanted to be a graphic artist or illustrator. I admire the work of Walt Disney, Andy Warhol, Norman Rockwell and the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. However, my chosen career was teaching and after over 30 years, I retired and renewed my love of art.

Favorite art quote: Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. E. Degas

Hummingbird Season
Come on Home
Cheaper than Therapy
Down the Fence Row
Bald Knob Cross
Our Little Downs Boy
Twin Oaks, Benton KY

PAPA Gallery April 2023 Featured Artist – Joanie Lampley-Sims