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This time, I will let the artist’s words about herself and her art do the introduction. This is what Vickie has to say as an artist.

I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. My work usually involves people, or landscapes that are inviting to people or evidence of the presence of people. I work in acrylics, oil, watercolor, pencils, pastels, and make “art” dolls and leaded glass windows, enjoy many crafts, sew, work in rock, and garden. All of these bring joy to me for the same reason, beauty.

I firmly believe that there should be beauty in every aspect of daily life and that every aspect of daily life innately holds beauty. I am compelled to find order, try to capture what I feel and see, and create in many media. By doing so, it is my hope to pass on the beauty that I experience. I hope to get better at doing this “sharing”.

Vickie’s art is always recognizable for its brushwork and light and spirit. Come visit PAPA today, to get a closer look and walk a bit in her world.

A Bird & Weeds & Sky

Gum Springs Road

Three Ladies Waiting

At the Pond’s Edge

See the Mailbox

Gum Springs

Three of a Kind

Mr Kerley’s Drainage
Home and Garden, Summer

Home and Garden, Winter
PAPA Gallery April 2022 Featured Artist – Vickie Lee Gingrich