The PAPA Gallery

Mark Ray was honored with a 4 page spread in the Jan/Feb issue of

Paducah Life Magazine, the theme of which was Paducah's Creative Class.

Special Features 2018

The Sept-Oct issue of Paducah Life Magazine is graced by this lovey painting entitled "Simple Weed" by Dodee Sergeant. The text reads: "Interested in visual arts her whole life, Dodee began actively studying art in high school, concentrating on drawing. She went on to attend the American Academy of Art In Chicago. She paints in oil and pastel in an impressionistic style with her prime focus in portraiture in pastel. Her work is often on display at the PAPA Gallery in Paducah where she is a member."

Erin Gericke's painting of the Carson Center in Paducah was selected for use in the Center's advertising for their Party for a Purpose event.

Jan Farley's painting, "Winter Slumber" graced the final page of the Jan/Feb edition of Paducah Life Magazine. It reads, "Jan Farley, a resident of Lyon County, was encouraged to paint when she was a child. Her next door neighbor gave her a paint by number kit, and that gift began a lifelong pursuit of art. Her mother, a teacher, also influenced her by taking her to New York City to visit museums and art exhibits. Jan, who recently moved to the region, continues to study and develop and regularly has artwork on display at the PAPA gallery."