The PAPA Gallery


You may click the New show entry form button on this page to print and fill out the form at home or use a blank form at the gallery when you arrive with your work.

Make sure you print clearly and sign.

This information must be on the back of every entry in some form:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Price* or NFS (not for sale)
  • Medium

Place a temporary label such as a sticky note on the front of the 3 framed paintings to make it easier to identify once they are hung on the wall so the show labels can be added. Include the name of the painting and your name. These temporary stickers will be removed once the hanging process is complete.

*Price should take into account a 35% PAPA donation. Also to keep the sales process manageable for everyone, once your price is set and your work entered into the show, the price may not change for the duration of that show.


  • 3 FRAMED (8x10 or larger) with wire hangers only.

  • 5 MINIATURES (outside frame size no larger than 8x10) Note: If the outside frame size is greater than 7x9, the frame should have a wire hanger so that it could be hung on the wall.

  • 4 UNFRAMED These may be canvas or shrink wrapped and cannot have hardware of any kind. Reproductions should be labeled what kind- Giclée, photocopy, etc. and must be for sale.

  • 8 GREETING CARDS or CARD PACKS (5x7 or smaller) must be wrapped in cellophane or similar packaging. Each card package can contain one or more cards. Price each package as you wish.


Congratulations! You've sold a painting or some cards and want to bring in a replacement - how do you do that? There is a box on the front desk that contains blank labels, plastic covers and hangars to use for framed wall paintings. Fill out the label with required info, add your painting info in the next blank space in the show book (important if you want to be paid!) and either leave the painting to be hung by Dutch or find a blank space on the wall/counter/bin and place it yourself.


Any challenge paintings brought to the monthly meeting may be hung for sale (or not) in the space near the back of the gallery during the month following the meeting of the challenge. All challenge paintings will be taken down (and retrieved by artist) after the next meeting and the new challenge paintings will take their place. This provides an opportunity for another sale in addition to those entered during the show change. Special labels will be used to differentiate between the normal show items and the challenge paintings.

Paintings must be out of the gallery for 2 shows (6 months). After two shows you may re-enter them in another gallery show. This keeps the show fresh for visitors - many of whom visit us regularly.

You must make sure all gallery numbers or markings on the back of the paintings are removed before re-entering them and that the prices and name of the paintings always match the current entry form.

Show Changes and How to Exhibit Your Work

Dutch Thurman 270-443-7054

Approximately 10 works from each show are selected to display in the reference section at the McCracken County Public Library for the duration of the next show. The works will be transported to and from the library and may be picked up at the gallery a few days after the next show has changed out. It's a great opportunity to widen your viewing audience!


  • Do not leave your paintings for the new show without someone checking them in. Members will be there to assist you.
  • Try not to make the name of your paintings very long as the labeling program is limited. A name like "The Sun Setting on the Hill Behind the Waterfall on a Tuesday Afternoon" would likely end up as "Sunset Behind the Waterfall" just to fit!
  • Print your information clearly on the entry forms. The accuracy of the information on the card by your painting depends on it!
  • Make sure you sign the form. Your signature gives us permission to post photos of your entries on our social media unless you expressly state otherwise.
  • Sign up for your 3 days to keep the gallery while you're entering your new work
  • Pick up all your paintings from the outgoing show
  • If for some reason you need to remove a painting before the next show change, make sure to note that in the show book at the desk. This helps prevent panic on everyone's part when the painting can't be found!

Customers loading up at the annual miniature sale