"Elvis Aaron Presley" by Rebecca Snow

​June 2017

Sandi Johnson's"First Born"

January 2017

"End of the Day" by Scott Morris

September 2017

"Majesty" by Charles David Alexander

April 2017

"Turtle Time" by Frank Bennett

February 2017

"Naptime" by Susan Lambert

November 2017

"Go South on Market" by Harrietta Harper

December 2017

"Whitehaven" by Scott Morris

May 2017

"Stand Off" by Mark Ray

​July 2017

"Friends and Flowers" by Gerry Marcum

October 2017

"In the Culvert" by Diane Bay

March 2017

"Feather and Egg" by Jim Serrett

August 2017

The People's Choice Awards 2017

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