The PAPA Gallery


Jenny to Mark

Chad and Frank to each other

Charles to Joyce

Joyce to Scott

Here's to many more paintings in 2018! Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas Party 2017

​In which everyone takes home a new painting and eats yummy treats

Thanks to everyone who participated by painting miniatures and/or helping to set up and/or working the sale. Special thanks go to Jan Farley who pulled the whole thing together and made it a memorable and profitable event. The final numbers were 319 paintings sold and $300 in donations for a total of $3490 raised! 

Serendipitously, we got a free advertising video! It's no longer available to view, but visit Craig Currie of if you'd like to know more about the photographer who did it for us.​

Carol to Jenny

Home of the Paducah Area Painters Alliance

Mark to Diane

Mark to Carol

John and Liz to each other

Yum Yum!

Diane to Charles

Scott to Mark