The PAPA Gallery

Offering Classes


One of the most frequently asked questions heard when working at PAPA Gallery is: Does the gallery offer lessons?

  • Offering art classes opens the Alliance to new members
  • Offering art classes opens the Gallery to people who do not often visit our Gallery to buy art
  • Offering classes after hours opens it up for working people
  • Potential teachers would present a detailed description of class content, cost, number of students, times, and length of class time.
  • Teachers’ class proposal would be presented to the Board for approval
  • Instructor fees would be collected from students and lab fees would also be collected to offset PAPA Gallery expenses.  Fees would be collected and turned in at each class meeting
  • Failure to clean up after each class will result in the classes being cancelled

PAPA has an incredible number of talented people with a variety of skills and knowledge.  This is evident by the programs that we see each month.  

If you are interested in teaching a class, please see the guidelines for class proposal and sample proposal for submission to the board.

Happy graduates like these make for a very rewarding experience!