A new year brings new challenges and remember Challenge paintings can be framed, named and priced for sale.  Until further notice, they can be shared online each month.

JANUARY: Open Door
FEBRUARY: Serentity
MARCH: Reflection
APRIL: A Touch of Gold
MAY: Fun in the Sun
JUNE: Loose Edges
JULY: 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Blue, with Black & White
AUGUST: Evening Lights
SEPTEMBER: Blessings
OCTOBER: Mystery
NOVEMBER: 3 Pears and a Plate
DECEMBER: Create a painting for the annual Christmas party exchange

SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS at each meeting in multiple ways! 

Bring a painting that's giving you trouble and at the end of the meeting get insight and advice from your peers to help get past the problem.

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Hope you are enjoying this summer of Covid uncertainty.
One bright spot, has been our garden!  We have “feast or famine” with cukes, squash, and tomatoes, sparking creativity on how to get rid (share) our surplus!  The Smoke Shop (convenience store), St.Vincents, Soup Kitchen, and friends, are a few bright spots that save me from that task of canning!  Hats off, to all of you that take
pleasure in that chore!

Thank you, to all of you, for your faithfulness in opening the Gallery and paying your dues.  Our sales have been above expectations!  The new schedule is working quite well, so, for the next show, of September and October, we will continue Tuesday-Saturday, 11-3.

We almost had a meeting!  From seating to refreshments, all was planned and safe for us.  Our Governor reduced gathering amounts from 50 to 10.  August 25th will be the next opportunity.

The Gallery Show will change the end of August.  Bring your new work August 24th or 25th.  This show will be for two months, to get us back to our regular rotation.  Save your July Challenge Painting until August, we will have two Challenges.  August Challenge is Evening Lights, idea by Carol Harlan.

Thanks, to Danna, for our first ever, Featured Artist Show!  Her bright colors, are a feast for the eyes, as they lift our hearts! Rebecca Muller-Williams, is the August, Featured Artist.

Dues, due for July...Stacy Fritt, Caitlin Herndon,  Telyawna
Moore,  Jerry Speight, Mary Furhmann, and Amy Sharp.

Please stay safe and keep on painting!  Thank you, for all you do for PAPA.


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We are working to provide an online method to share paintings with each other until we can meet again in person and/or to enable members to participate who can't attend meetings in person. If you're interested in this, please use the Connect with Us page and send me a mesage.

If you have ideas for a program or you'd like to hear about something specific, send us your ideas/requests on the Connect With Us page.