The PAPA Gallery

A Paducah native and graduate of the Lone Oak School System, Dana Gardner is our first Featured Artist at The PAPA Gallery. She started painting in oils, but once she tried acrylics she never looked back, enjoying the fast drying paint. Dana started painting in the 7th grade with Mary Yeiser, and continued later with Clyde Lawter and Tommy Fletcher. Her favorite artist is Cezanne and you can see a bit of his influence in her strong colorful landscapes. But Dana definitely has her own style and flair, getting inspiration from images and photos she runs across. But rather than copying them, she studies them, finds other images that appeal to her, then she sets them aside and synthesizes their essences to create her own expression. Dana is a draftsman at Site Works and a major UK Football and Basketball fan. Her son and his family live in Tennessee and her daughter and granddaughter live in Paducah. You can best enjoy and experience her warm and friendly art in person.

Peaceful Village


Mexican Village






Old Mill Stream


Rainbow Row


A Place for Us


Danna Gardner