Mon - Saturday 10am - 4pm

Gallery closings follow McCracken County Schools. Click here to check it out.

If you have signed up to keep the gallery on a day when the roads are too bad for you to travel but schools are open, contact Maryann and let her know that you can't get in. 270-395-7895

KEEPING OUR GALLERY CLEAN(and our customers focused on the art instead of the dirt):
Every morning: Sweep the entrance and clean the counter in back

  • Monday: Dust mop bare floors
  • Tuesday: Vacuum carpet areas
  • Wednesday: Clean glass on front door and mirrored surfaces
  • Thursday: Use wet Swiffer in traffic areas
  • Friday: Use duster, especially around miniatures
  • Saturday: Clean bathroom

  • Paintings smaller than 16X20: $35.00
  • Paintings 16x20 or larger: $50.00*
    *if shipping costs exceed this amount, artist can expect to chip in to pay the difference
For any other shipping questions call Jenny 270-898-7850

Committee chair:  Maryann Huebschmann 270-395-7895

January:  Dutch Thurman

February:  Jenny Fuller and Liz Hudson

March:  Harrietta Harper

April:  Karen Switzer and Betty Jesse

May:  Charles and Suzanne Alexander

June:  Annual Picnic!

July:  John and Cindy McLaren

August:  Scott Morris and Tony Kent

September:  Linda Roberts

Frank Bennett

November:  Vickie Lee Gingrich & Susan Lambert

December:  Christmas Party!


There are a wide variety of questions and/or issues that can arise when you have the gallery and some of them come up so rarely it's hard to remember how to handle them. What if someone wants a gift certificate or an interior designer wants to borrow a painting to see if it "fits" with their design plan? Answers to these questions and many more can be found in the binder behind the counter. Of course if all else fails, call Jenny!  

Committees and Other Housekeeping

The PAPA Gallery

Home of the Paducah Area Painters Alliance

Did you know....

noun: docent; plural noun: docents
1. a person who acts as a guide, typically on a voluntary basis, in a museum, art gallery, or zoo.

REFRESHMENTS:  Maryann Huebschmann 270-395-7895 (See commitment list)

PROGRAM:  Sandi Johnson 270-434-3839

NAME TAGS:  Linda Roberts 270-898-3547

CALENDAR:  Liz Hudson 280-210-9790

MEMBER BIO BOOK: Vera Rodgers 618-967-7480

NEW MEMBER PACKETS:  Jenny Fuller 270-898-7850 These packets are in the file drawer in back of the gallery. When you see they're getting low, please let Jenny know. 

NEW SHOW LABELING:Chad Nelson 209-614-4278

LIBRARY SHOW:  Dutch Thurman 270-443-7054

WEBSITE:  Suzanne Alexander 901-517-6002