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Stay tuned for info

on future offerings

~The Hartley Art Gallery in Herrin, IL has several class offerings coming up.  Click here  to check out info on schedules and more on their Facebook page.

~ Cleda Curtis is offering

"Portrait Class for Beginners"

on Tuesday nights in February.

Budding artists proudly display one of their completed works at the conclusion of class

Tommy Fletcher will conduct a Creating Color Workshop September 9 from 9am-4pm with the Hopkinsville Art Guild. Click here for details.

~A few photos from a great workshop with Cleda Curtis-Neal held at the PAPA Gallery

And classes for people young at heart

Classes for young people . . .

Vera Rodgers conducting a Color Pencil Workshop

in May

Classes, Workshops & Learning Opportunities

"Let a student enter the school with this advice: No matter how good the school is,

his education is in his own hands. All education must be self-education."  - Robert Henri 1865-1929