The PAPA Gallery

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Channing Kennedy


11x14 watercolor

Channing grew up in Far East of Russia. Winters there are very cold but the summers are humid and hot. Her parents say that she began drawing earlier than speaking. Channing is a self-taught artist and is very talented by birth. At school she was very busy designing and painting school newspapers and posters.

In 2002, Channing went to China to study and in five years graduated with two bachelor degrees in Chinese language, calligraphy and culture, and Clinic Medicine. She also has a pedagogical degree of specialist in Russian (foreign languages). 

Channing always found time for her freelance job as artist. She drew portraits of people and their pets, painted in different styles, made handmade souvenirs, like painting on bottles, wooden boxes, ceramic dishes, and things made of polymer clay. She is a great photographer too and has taken photographs of weddings and celebrations, of children, nature and pets. She loves animals, landscapes, and nature as you can see by her art. Channing used to have 2 horses and is a good rider, and she loves dog and cats too. She runs Donskoy Cat Cattery (Russian hairless cats).

Channing used to paint with acrylic paints and water colors, and now is also drawing by pen and pencil (black and white). Her pen and pencil style is very detailed.

She lived in China for 10 years and is in love with Chinese culture, calligraphy and of course Chinese art. 

In 2016, she moved to USA, Kentucky, in the very nice and friendly town of Paducah. Here she became a member of the Art Guild of Paducah and displays her paintings and drawings in Art Guild gallery. Also she became a member of the Paducah Area Painters Alliance and is displaying many wonderful pieces of art in the PAPA Gallery.

Channing works as freelance artist, draws portraits of people and their pets, comics by pen and pencil, painting landscapes, people, and animals. You are always welcome to come to the galleries to take a look at her art. Also you can enjoy her art online: on the website and Instagram. She is creating and designing both for professionals and just people who love art.

"Tha Mizutani Sisters"

​11x14 pen and pencil


11x14 ​watercolor

"A Girl from Kentucky"

11x14 pen and pencil

"Creature from the Red Planet"

24x32 acrylic

"Morning Trip"

11x14 ​watercolor

"Gambling House"

​11x14 pen and pencil