Artists of the Paducah Area Painters Alliance

Charles David Alexander*

Valerie Amundson

Sydney Andrea

Mary Anthony

Diane Bay

Frank Bennett

Julie Brigance

Carson Brown

Martha Brown

​Rebecca Chaddic

Mark Cope

Janice Cowherd

Linda Cox

Debbie Dupre

Ronnie Dupre

Betty Emmert

Jan Farley

Bert Fellows

Brenda Fleming

Tommy Fletcher*

Peggy Forthman

Brenda Foster*

Jenny Fuller*+

Danna Gardner

Vickie Lee Gingrich

Sonja Halstead

*indicates artists who accept commissions
+indicates charter members since 1991

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The PAPA Gallery

Members in Memoriam

Mel Garbark

Dwain Smith+

Paul Young

Clyde Lawter+

Jack Sergeant

Keith Murphy

Chad Nelson

Victoria Noe
Brenda Parrish*

Havynn Prude

Joyce Ray

Mark Ray

Linda Roberts
Vera Rodgers*
Dodee Sergeant

Margie Smith+
Eileen Smith

Jerry Speight

Anne Strawn

Karen Switzer

Rick W. Tedder

Linda Thomasson
Dutch Thurman

Rose Mary Towey

Carol Couric Tribou
Judith Webb*+

Linda Whitler

Amy Wiley